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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Old Photographs

I love looking through my mother's box of old photos.  Some or should I say most are people I've never met, but the stories I know about them have led me to know, I do know them.

Great-Grandmother Neeman
This is my great grandmother, my mom's grandmother on her mother's side. I never got the pleasure of meeting her, but from what I've heard, she was amazing, and this was passed on down to her daughter, my grandmother, Alice.  I miss my Grandma Alice.  Her cinnamon rolls were the best, heirloom recipes are the best, but still even when I make them, there is still something missing.  I think it's my grandma's love.

Great-Grandfather Isaac
This is my great grandfather, my mom's grandfather on her dad's side, so my grandpa's dad.  Does all this sound as confusing as I think?  Well continue to be confused, there are a lot of missing pieces on my grandfather's side of the family.  You see my grandfather, pictured below, was in an orphanage in Fort Morgan Colorado until he ran away and hopped on a train at the age of 13 and ended up in Woodriver Nebraska.  When he got to Woodriver he stopped at my great-grandparents house looking for work and met my grandmother.  Continue on to see pictures of me and my grandparents.

Sara & Grandpa Isaac

This is me and my grandpa, the one that ran away
from the orphanage when he was 13.  One thing I remember about him or should I say many things I remember about him was, pickles, the best, dill and  bread and butter pickles.  Then it would have to be banana bread.  Then last was him waking up at 4:00am EVERY day because when he was young he was a dairy farmer and had to get up to milk cows.  Well the cows were long gone and he still wouldn't sleep in!  I remember as a kid when we would go out to my grandparents we'd sleep in the livingroom and I'd hear him in the kitchen, making coffee.  Maybe this is where my love of coffee started???

Grandma Isaac & Sara
And this my friends is the famous Alice!  She is the one that my grandpa found so long ago on that farm.  The one that made the best cinnamon rolls.  Oh the memories just one picture can bring back.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Poor Spring flowers...

Yesterday it was snowing!
Yes the 15th of April,
but that's Nebraska for you.
I didn't mind it, I'm a BIG lover of snow!

Bending down, I don't think she likes the cold and snow.

Lilac bush confused by the snow,

The Hosta plants are close to the house,
I don't think that it bothered them much.

The snow held up the construction work being done in our neighborhood, and now today with a high of 55 degrees, they are back at it.   Only a few patches in the shaded spots are the only reminder of our beautiful Spring Snow!